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Rates and reviews on some of my favorite children books. As well as, how I would use them in my classroom. :)


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Naughty Little Monkeys - Jim Aylesworth, Henry Cole

Naughty Little Monkeys is a great way to incorporate behavior and the ABCs in one lesson for your lower grade levels. This is definitely a book I would use in kindergarten and 1st grade. I would read it to them during the first day of school and have them point out what is wrong with the behavior from the monkeys. I would then pass out a work sheet and ask them to underline the beginning letter (ABCs) of each wrong behavior. That way I could assess each student and see what letters, if any, that they know. This would be a good transition book to teach the classroom/school rules. 

Eating Healthy

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Eat Your Veggies, Goldilocks: A Story About Healthy Eating (Fairytales Gone Wrong) by Steve Smallman (2014-11-11) - Steve Smallman

I love this book! I think it is a great book to read to any class to remind them about eating healthy. This would be a great book to read after an integrated lesson on eating healthy and making smart decisions. I would like to use this book and have a guest speaker, like the nurse or PE coach, talk about making healthy decisions. I would then have the students do a different physical activity for each food discussed. This is something that will stay with the student and something that they can incorporate at home, as well.  

No, David!

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No, David! - David Shannon

"No, David!" Is a book I always enjoyed growing up and a great way to incorporate cause and effect in a classroom. I think that there are many questions that you can ask your students and a great way to get them involved with their critical thinking in the classroom. I would make an anchor chart of the bad decisions that David makes, and have the students come up with a solution or better decision that David could have made. I would recommend it in the younger grades, ideally, and I think that 1st grade would be a great grade to read and do a lesson on. 

Diversity in the classroom

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Amazing Grace - Mary Hoffman, Caroline Binch

i LOVE this book! We read it today in lit block & it is a great lesson to teach about diversity. It allows the students to know that they can do anything they want and that their gender, skin color, or even religion will not effect that! It also teaches the students that they should not tell anyone that they can't do anything. I would have an anchor chart and ask the students to identify each time discrimination is used and what they would have done to prevent it. This book would be a great lesson for any grade, but I, personally, would teach it to upper grade levels like 3rd-6th. With all the diversity in not only the classroom, but the real world, it is a very important lesson to teach from the beginning.